Going Back to School

How Your College Consultant Can Help To Reduce Your Stress

There's little question that the high school years can be stressful to some degree for most teenagers. One of the things that can frequently contribute to a high school student's stress is going through the process of applying to college. You may begin to doubt your choice of program or college, or even doubt yourself as you wait to hopefully hear that a college has accepted you. Many teens feel as though they're under a lot of pressure during their senior year, but you don't have to go through it alone. A college admissions consultant can help you in a number of ways, including with the reduction of your stress. Here's why.

Help Managing Deadlines

Applying for college can often have a series of deadlines that you must follow. For example, you might need to get your formal application submitted by a certain date, and have to follow up with an updated transcript on another date. Depending on the program, you may also have to submit a portfolio. Managing all of these deadlines can be stressful, as you may constantly feel as though there's a deadline about which you're not aware — and that missing it could affect your application. Your consultant can oversee these deadlines for you and ensure that you don't miss any of them.

Reminders To Believe In Yourself

Your college consultants will constantly be an uplifting force in your life who offers encouragement so that your belief in yourself doesn't wane. Self-doubt can pop up at various times as you go through the process of applying to college. For example, if you have one bad test result in one of your classes, you may feel as though your application is doomed. This can obviously be a major source of stress. Your consultant will remind you of the big picture and say encouraging things to help you reduce your stress.

Looking Over Everything

It's stressful to prepare to submit a college application because you may worry about omitting something, making a typo, or otherwise having something wrong with your application. Not only may you feel stressed as you prepare the application, but you may also experience significant feelings of stress after you submit it — perhaps because you begin to question the job you did. Your consultant can take a look at everything you need to submit before you do so, thus significantly helping to lower your stress during this process.