Going Back to School

Can Associate's Degrees Land You High-Paying Jobs?

Continuing your education past high school is something that everyone knows is a huge benefit in obtaining better careers. However, it is a hardship for many because the of the cost of four years of college. This is when going after an associate degree becomes a viable option. You may be thinking that a two-year program may prohibit you from high paying jobs, but this is not the case.

Associate Degree: What Is It?

Let us first answer what an associate degree is, because you can then understand how it is beneficial. This program is offered at both universities and community colleges, for a much cheaper rate. They can be found in many of the same fields of study as a four-year program but have half the work. There are four types of associate degrees: Associate of Science, Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Science, and Associate of Applied Arts.

Benefits of Associate Degrees

The two biggest benefits of obtaining an associate degree over a Bachelor's are the facts it is cheaper and faster to finish. However, what is often overlooked is the flexibility aspect of this degree. Many classes available in this degree path are available online, evenings, or weekends. This allows people who are returning to college or working during the day to attend college without disrupting their normal schedule.

High Pay Options

Once you realize that there is a cheaper and faster school path, you begin to wonder if will affect your ability to obtain a high paying job. The answer is that there are many careers that are in high demand and only require a two-year degree. The following are only a few industries that meet this requirement.

  • Medical Field – Image Technicians (MRI, X-Ray, etc.), Nurses, Personal Care or Home Health Care Assistants
  • Technology – Software Developers, Computing and Network Services, Data Mining, Telecommunication
  • Legal – Paralegals, Arbitrators, Transcriptionists
  • Manufacturing

We live in a world that gives options to people who are looking to get employment or start a family right out of high school. Companies are beginning to expand their requirements from needing at least a Bachelor's Degree to only requiring a two-year program. While people who have more education seem more promising than those with fewer years in school, you can show that you have accomplished the same milestones others have. The best way to make your associate Degree work for you in any career field is to become involved in campus activities and intern at jobs in your desired field.