Going Back to School

Six Mistakes to Avoid if You're an Active Military Member Enrolling in Online College

Enrolling in online college courses while you're in the military is a great way to further yourself academically while serving on active duty. However, it's important to plan things out carefully to maximize your chances of academic success.

The following are six mistakes to avoid if you're an active member of the military who is enrolling in an online college. 

1. Not having any clear academic goals in mind

Time is of the essence when you're attaining a degree through online college while also serving in the military. That's why it's so important to have a clear goal in mind. You want to make sure that you have a clear academic goal you're working toward that is going to further your career. This way, you know that you are not wasting any of your precious time or resources. 

2. Underestimating the time commitment you're making

There are only so many hours in the day. It's essential to understand the time commitment you're making and plan things out so that you can use your time efficiently. Don't underestimate the time commitment of attaining college credits while in the military or you might find yourself in over your head. 

3. Failing to adequately research available programs

These days, there are a lot of online college programs out there that are available to active-duty military personnel. You need to research available programs to find the one that is best aligned with your professional goals. You also need to consider costs and scheduling when evaluating various programs. 

4. Being disorganized

Organization is important in any situation where you'll be pressed for time. If you allow yourself to become disorganized, your productivity will go down and you may begin to struggle to get things done. If you are a person who is not inclined toward organization, it's important to work on keeping yourself organized so that you don't fall behind in either your responsibilities in your military career or your coursework. 

5. Procrastinating about college coursework

You always need to be making your coursework your priority as you attend college classes while in the military. Don't get into the bad habit of engaging in leisure activities during your downtime or you might find that you run out of time to keep up with coursework.

6. Not communicating with friends and family about your academic ambitions

Staying motivated can be a challenge when you're going through online college on the side while in the military. Discussing your academic goals and experiences with friends and family can help you to stay motivated and engaged with your studies. 

To learn more, contact an online university for military members.