Becoming A Veteran? 2 Reasons To See A Veteran Admissions Advisor

Retiring from the military after years of loyal service is a magnificent feat. Not only does it require a certain level of strength and dignity to get into the military, but it also takes fortitude to weather the storms of battle and sometimes spend long periods away from your beloved family and friends. Now that retirement is approaching, you have different decisions to make. Perhaps you've already chosen a place to live and are excited about settling down.

Should You Change Careers And Get A Nursing Degree?

Is now the best time for a career change? You have a job, but you're not sure if you should stay in it. If a nursing degree is something you've dreamed about pursuing (or at the very least, thought about seriously), take a look at the questions to ask before you switch professions and start nursing school. Why Do You Want To Change Careers? There isn't one universal reason for making a major career change.