How Flight School Helps Fight Off Midlife Crises In Business People

Success in the business world satisfies many people and provides them with the focus that they need to be happy. Unfortunately, many in this position may end up with a midlife crisis unless they take steps to expand their lives. For example, learning how to fly at a flight school may help many. A Midlife Crisis Can Be Quite Unpredictable Becoming a successful business person is often the goal of many people's lives and should bring a sense of satisfaction as they gain financial security. [Read More]

How Your College Consultant Can Help To Reduce Your Stress

There's little question that the high school years can be stressful to some degree for most teenagers. One of the things that can frequently contribute to a high school student's stress is going through the process of applying to college. You may begin to doubt your choice of program or college, or even doubt yourself as you wait to hopefully hear that a college has accepted you. Many teens feel as though they're under a lot of pressure during their senior year, but you don't have to go through it alone. [Read More]